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We’re pretty excited about today’s topic on building a business developing Divi plugins. Some of our hosts have done just that and would love to share their experiences in this growing market. As an added bonus Terry Hale of Superfly and creator of Image Intense has kindly offered to share some of his resources and tips on how he got started.

While Divi Plugins are essentially WordPress plugins that extend the functionality of Divi, there are some certain specific things that make them different than traditional WordPress plugins. In this episode, the Divi Chat gang discuss their experiences building businesses around Divi plugin creation plus some ways that you can get started, if you’re a developer and are interested in creating Divi Plugins as a business.

While the Divi product market may be a bit overcrowded today, the gang talks about some ways they were able to be successful in the early days of the Divi 3rd party product ecosystem.

From the technical aspects, to the business and marking side, David, Tim, Terry, and SJ share their knowledge in this uncensored (Leslie!) discussion on creating Divi Plugins as a business.

Bonus PDF Download:

Terry’s Tips on Getting Started in Divi Plugin Development

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