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EP131 – How to Grow a YouTube Audience

This week we have special guest Darrel Wilson on the podcast to discuss how to grow your YouTube audience (WOOHOO!!). Darrel’s built a huge following for his YouTube channel which hosts tons of great content, like DIY website building tutorials, page builder...
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EP85 – Video Marketing

Video marketing is something we’ve discussed on Divi Chat before, and our last episode on social media tools even started to segue into the topic, so we’ve decided to go with the flow and dedicate this week’s discussion to it since there’s...
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EP84 – Social Media Streamlining Tools

Handling social media accounts can be a real chore. There’s a lot to learn, and it can be very overwhelming and time-consuming. This week we discuss our favorite tools to help make our social media workflow more efficient.   Hosts Present: David Blackmon...