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Ep 238 – Go for Launch! Website Handover Process

Launch day is always an exciting one. But the Divi websites we build are complex creations…How do you hand them over to your clients without risking the integrity of the site, making sure your client has everything they need, and also ensuring payment in full?...
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EP114 – How to Communicate with Clients

Some clients are very tech savvy, some are not. Some know that a logo doesn’t come with a website build, others think they get social media marketing, a logo, a website, and built-in customers from the get-go. Bottom line is it’s up to us to inform them of all the...
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EP93 – Our Best & Worst Web Design Jobs

Let’s face it, some web design projects end up sucking Whether it’s because you and the client don’t get along, you have a problem with scope creep, or any number of reasons it can be quite frustrating. This week we have a casual chat of some of our...