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EP117 – Productizing Your Services

If you offer maintenance plans you’re already productizing your services so why not expand that model? Maybe you enjoy styling forms or getting creative with Woo store pages, or are a natural with Mailchimp. Why not package that service up with a nice little bow...
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EP30 – Expanding Divi with CSS

Is knowing CSS necessary to make a stellar Divi site? We don’t think so but it certainly helps. Maybe you purchased Divi thinking you’d never have to touch a line of code but have found otherwise, or have found that it got you interested in learning and...
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EP29 – eCourses for Learning Divi

On this week’s chat we had the pleasure of welcoming two newcomers to the show, Melissa Love of The Design Space Co and Michelle Nunan of Divi Soup. As two of the leaders in the training space for the Divi community it was great to have them on along with our...