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Plugins and modules and scripts, oh my!

Ep 254 – Converting Prospects into Clients

Is it possible to “sell without selling”? Do you find yourself giving away your strategy for free on “pick your brain” calls? Do you get traffic to your website, but no clients come from it? Get some tips from the DC panel on how they turn their prospects into paying customers on today’s episode.

Ep 253 – How to Get (and Keep!) Your Business Organized

Do you feel organized in your business? Chaos is the enemy of productivity. What apps, tools, and/or techniques do you use to keep the chaos at bay?

Join the Divi Chat panel as they share their tips for keeping all the plates spinning…and being able to have a life outside of our web world, too!

Ep 251 – FAVES: Our Favorite Business Books, Podcasts and Blogs

Being in tech means keeping up to date with trends and industry standards. Running a business is a constant learning experience. So that means running a business in tech requires a LOT of continuing education!

There are many ways to continue learning. One of the most affordable and accessible is by reading books and blogs and listening to (or watching!) podcasts.

On this episode of Divi Chat the panel will share our go-to Books, Blogs, and Podcasts. What are your faves??

Ep 249 – What Makes a Good Hero Website Section

Not all heroes wear capes… especially not the big chunky sections at the top of your website’s home page.

What is the purpose of these sections? How can you best utilize this precious real estate? And where did this trend come from anyway?

Come hang out with the Divi Chat crew as they unmask the secrets of website hero sections.

Ep 246 – How to Give Back to the WordPress Community

What would you do for a living if WordPress didn't exist? Who would your colleagues be? Would your business exist if WordPress didn't? Have you ever asked yourself questions like these? It's amazing to be part of an open source community, but it can be easy to get...

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