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Taking on a website you didn’t build is like gazing at the beautiful tip of an iceberg above the surface. At first glance, it appears captivating and pristine, but beneath the waterline lies a complex web of hidden challenges and unexpected surprises.

Just like the tip of an iceberg, the visible aspects of a website may seem appealing and functional, but you never know what lies beneath. It could be a messy code structure, outdated plugins, or a tangled web of dependencies waiting to be unraveled.

Navigating the depths of someone else’s WordPress creation requires a blend of curiosity, expertise, and a touch of daring. You’ll need to dive deep, explore the unseen intricacies, and bring order to the chaos. It’s a journey that demands both technical prowess and a sprinkle of magic.

In this episode, the DC Panel shares their top tips for dealing with these potentially treacherous waters.

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Hosts Present:

Stephanie Hudson – FocusWP / @stepherriffic / Focus On Your Biz
Eric Dingler – In Transit Studios / /
Sarah Oates – Endure Web Studios / FB / @endureweb

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