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Divi Chat Podcast and Blog
Divi Chat Podcast and Blog
Divi Chat Podcast and Blog
Divi Chat Podcast and Blog

Divi Chat


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Ep 249 – What Makes a Good Hero Website Section

Not all heroes wear capes… especially not the big chunky sections at the top of your website’s home page.

What is the purpose of these sections? How can you best utilize this precious real estate? And where did this trend come from anyway?

Come hang out with the Divi Chat crew as they unmask the secrets of website hero sections.

Ep 246 – How to Give Back to the WordPress Community

What would you do for a living if WordPress didn't exist? Who would your colleagues be? Would your business exist if WordPress didn't? Have you ever asked yourself questions like these? It's amazing to be part of an open source community, but it can be easy to get...

Ep 240 – New Divi Features!

Gradient Builder, Patterns & Masks, and now Divi Cloud – we have had some sweet features released by the Elegant Themes folks in recent weeks. Let's take a deep dive into these awesome new tools! Hope to see you in the live chat on FB or YouTube!...

Our Story

Divi Chat?! What’s this, you ask. Well let us tell you!

We’re a gang of friends who met on various Divi Community Facebook groups and have basically grown into a little family. Some of us have worked together on projects, some of us have even started full-fledged companies together, and all of us simply enjoy each other’s online company and respect each other’s work. Oh, did we mention we’re kinda fond of Divi by Elegant Themes? So much so that one day one of us had the grand thought — “hey, why don’t we do a Divi podcast?” — and the rest, as they say, is <becoming> history.

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