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Divi Chat Podcast and Blog
Divi Chat Podcast and Blog
Divi Chat Podcast and Blog

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Ep 280 – The Web Designers’s Guide to Google Ads with Sean Pierce

In this episode of Divi Chat, we explore the world of Google Ads with special guest Sean Pierce. As web designers, it’s important to understand the basics of paid advertising and how it can benefit our clients’ businesses. Sean breaks down the key components of Google Ads, including keyword research, ad targeting, and budgeting strategies. We also discuss how to integrate Google Ads into a cohesive marketing plan and measure success with analytics. Whether you’re new to advertising or a seasoned pro, this episode has something for everyone looking to boost their online presence.

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Ep 279 – Boost Your Recurring Revenue with Website Subscriptions

In this episode of Divi Chat, the panel is joined by Steve Schramm of NorthMac Services to explore the website subscription model.

Subscriptions are becoming an increasingly popular way for businesses to generate constant, reliable income, but does it work for web development??

We’ll look at how to set up a website subscription service, the benefits to having a subscription model, and what factors you should consider when deciding if subscriptions are right for your business.

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Ep 278 – How to Get the Most Out of Your Google Business Profile

Properly Optimizing your Google Business Profile can increase visibility, attract more customers, and boost conversions. Oh and did we mention it’s FREE?

Tricia Clements, owner of Your Biz Watchdog, will join the panel discuss the importance of having a complete and accurate profile, how to optimize your listing with relevant keywords, and engaging with customer reviews to enhance your online reputation.

Don’t miss out on this valuable discussion that can help take your business to new heights on Google Maps – particularly if you are looking for local search results.

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Ep 277 – Animating Your WordPress Website in 2023

Are you employing animation in your WordPress websites or are you firmly against this trend? If you are pro-motion, what kind of animations are you using? Subtle text animations, fade-in’s, or maybe something more dramatic? Slide-in text plus SVG animation in the form of Lottie files is at the heart of what we are discussing in this episode of Divi Chat.

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Ep 276 – Our Favorite Browser Extensions

As web geeks we spend our lives in our browsers. Are you getting the most out of the tools and extensions available to supercharge your browsing?

From productivity tools to ad-blockers, utilities to security, the Divi Chat crew will share their go-to extensions for getting the most out of their browsers.

Our “Faves” eps are always fast-paced and fun, so don’t miss it!

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Ep 274 – How to Get Started with Podcasting Part 2: Tech & Marketing

This episode is a continuation of our discussion on starting a podcast. We broke down the process into 3 Ts:
β€’ Tools: microphones, lighting, cameras, etc.
β€’ Topics: what to discuss and how to make it stand out from other podcasts
β€’ Tech: the software and services needed to publish and market your podcast Last week we covered Tools and Topics.

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Ep 273 – How to Get Started with Podcasting

Have you ever wished you could start your own podcast, but don’t know where to begin? Or maybe running your own show sounds like too much commitment, but you’d love to be a guest on someone else’s show? The Divi Chat Podcast has been broadcasting weekly for over 6 years 😱 so we know a thing or two about this topic. Tim Strifler is one of the original DC panelists, started WP The Podcast, and maaaay have another something in the works. Divi Chat alum Josh Hall will also be joining the panel this week to share his experiences starting The Web Design Business podcast, which has racked up over 450,000 listens!

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Ep 272 – Preparing to Buy or Sell a Web Business with Kristina Romero

Have you ever thought about selling your business or purchasing an agency?

Even if this isn’t on your To Do list for the near future, understanding what’s involved can help ensure you are ready if/when the time comes.

In this episode of Divi Chat, we will break this subject down to discuss elements that get your business in a position to be profitably sold, as well as what to look for in a book of business you want to acquire.

Our regular panelists will be joined by Kristina Romero, the founder or WP Care Market, and former owner of a web agency, which she sold in 2020. She will share the knowledge she gained from selling her agency, including practical tips for navigating the legal and financial aspects of buying or selling a web agency, how to connect with a buyer / seller, and what she would do differently, if given the chance.

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Ep 271 – Getting the Most Out of Social Media for Your Web Design Business

Poll: When it comes to your business, do you view Social Media as (A) a necessary evil, (B) totally pointless, or (C) your biz bestie? (Answer in the comments!) πŸ‘‡ If you have a Web Design business, should you be promoting it on the socials? If so, which one (or ones!)? Join the Divi Chat panel for this episode where they break down their various strategies for utilizing social networks in their businesses – or not.

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Ep 270 – Making the Most of Google’s (Mostly Free!) Tools

As web professionals, we rely on a multitude of tools to help us with our work. Pricey or Free, Shiny or Tried-and-true, we all have our favorites…but it’s hard to imagine getting by without the powerful suite of tools that Google provides – almost entirely for free!

From analytics to search console, from Google My Business to Google Tag Manager, we are all probably more reliant on these tools than we realize.

In this episode, our panel will dive into their favorite Google tools, sharing their experiences and best practices for maximizing their potential. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or just starting out, you won’t want to miss this insightful episode of Divi Chat!

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Ep 269 – How to Master Sales and Negotiation

Does the thought of “Sales and Negotiation” make you cringe? Do you feel sleazy every time you try to sell your services? That stops now!

Sure there are sleazy salespeople, but the act of selling doesn’t make you one of them. And it’s time to stop underselling or letting the client dictate your pricing. Negotiation can actually be fun!

It doesn’t matter how amazing your product or service is. If you can’t sell it, you will go out of business. Regular listeners know the Divi Chat panel is full of sales experts.

Check out this episode where they share their best tips and tricks for negotiating the best price and closing the sale.

Our Story

Divi Chat?! What’s this, you ask. Well let us tell you!

We’re a gang of friends who met on various Divi Community Facebook groups and have basically grown into a little family. Some of us have worked together on projects, some of us have even started full-fledged companies together, and all of us simply enjoy each other’s online company and respect each other’s work. Oh, did we mention we’re kinda fond of Divi by Elegant Themes? So much so that one day one of us had the grand thought β€” “hey, why don’t we do a Divi podcast?” β€” and the rest, as they say, is <becoming> history.