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Divi Chat Podcast and Blog
Divi Chat Podcast and Blog
Divi Chat Podcast and Blog

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Announcement: Time to Recharge Our Batteries – Divi Chat Hiatus

We are taking our own advice! If you caught the previous episode, you know we all believe in the importance of taking a break.

The many panel members who have been a part of Divi Chat have been sharing advice, tips, and lessons learned for almost 7 years. (‼️) All of the panelists participate voluntarily and are all running their own business (or multiple businesses!) in addition to hanging out with you virtually for an hour or so each week.

The current panelists (Sarah, Tim, Steph, Mike, and Eric) have collectively agreed that we could benefit from a little break. We aren’t leaving for good, just taking a hiatus to recharge our batteries and re-energize ourselves to be able to best serve the WordPress community we all love so much.

In fact, we have some exciting things planned for our return, so stay tuned!

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Ep 291 – How to Take a Vacation When You Own a Business

Sand and Saltwater may do wonders for you, but they are mortal enemies of your laptop! That’s not the only reason to leave the laptop at home, though.

Dive into the pool of work-life balance with this episode of Divi Chat, titled “How To Take a Vacation When You Own a Business.”

Come hear the strategies, tips, and resources the Divi Chat panel has learned after years of entrepreneurship. Believe it or not, you CAN actually take a vacation without sneaking away to check emails or take client calls.

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Ep 290 – Divi AI: A Time Saver or Feature Bloat?

AI is everywhere, including baked right in to your favorite WordPress pagebuilder!

The Divi Chat crew will take you through their first impressions of this hot new feature and share suggestions for making the most of it.

What are the best ways to use Divi AI? Is there reason for concern?

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Ep 289 – Mastering the Use of Video in Your Marketing

Tune in to this episode of Divi Chat where the panel will dive into not only where video use could be beneficial to your WordPress business, but also how to make the most of your efforts with the right equipment, software, and messaging.

Don’t miss this one, folks – even if you are camera shy!

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Ep 288 – Business Finance: Budgeting, Forecasting, and Owner Compensation

What do you use to budget for your business? When do you decide to put yourself on a “salary” versus just drawing more from the business in those months when your revenue is up?

This episode of Divi Chat will dive into how the panelists approach their business finances – what works and (of course) the hard lessons they’ve learned along the way.

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Ep 287 – Processes & Tools for the Design Phase of a Website Project

Don’t miss this episode of Divi Chat as we do a deep dive into the design phase of a website project.

Typography and color schemes have a big impact on user experience and conversions. And, of course, we can’t forget the importance of designing for accessibility!

The panel will share practical tips to make your designs inclusive and user-friendly.

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Ep 285 – Do These Things Before Taking On A Website You Didn’t Build

Taking on a website you didn’t build is like gazing at the beautiful tip of an iceberg above the surface. At first glance, it appears captivating and pristine, but beneath the waterline lies a complex web of hidden challenges and unexpected surprises.

Just like the tip of an iceberg, the visible aspects of a website may seem appealing and functional, but you never know what lies beneath. It could be a messy code structure, outdated plugins, or a tangled web of dependencies waiting to be unraveled.

Navigating the depths of someone else’s WordPress creation requires a blend of curiosity, expertise, and a touch of daring. You’ll need to dive deep, explore the unseen intricacies, and bring order to the chaos. It’s a journey that demands both technical prowess and a sprinkle of magic.

In this episode, the DC Panel shares their top tips for dealing with these potentially treacherous waters.

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Ep 284 – Work Smarter Not Harder Using Marketing Automation

Marketing automation can help WordPress service providers to work more efficiently, generate more leads, and provide a more personalized experience for their customers. By leveraging the power of marketing automation, you can take your business to the next level – all while doing less of the stuff you hate! We are excited to have Chris Davis, Founder at Automation Bridge, and Former Director of Education at ActiveCampaign join the panel. With a resume that includes managing email marketing campaigns for multiple companies with email lists of over a million recipients, this guy knows his stuff!!

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Ep 282 – Train Yourself To Be a Better Web Developer

Ready to Level Up? If so, where should you go to improve your skills and how do you get started?

You will need to find the right format and right trainer for your learning style and focus on skills that will increase your efficiency or profitability.

Actually, should you even bother, or just hire someone with skills you desire?

Lots of ground to cover in this ep – don’t miss it!

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Ep 281 – Our Top 10 Favorite Apps

We have a full panel for this fast moving episode where each panelist will share their absolute must-have, stranded on a dessert island apps. They can be Mac or Windows, computer or mobile apps…just no more than 10 each. Only the best!! If you had to choose your Top 10, what would make the cut??

Our Story

Divi Chat?! What’s this, you ask. Well let us tell you!

We’re a gang of friends who met on various Divi Community Facebook groups and have basically grown into a little family. Some of us have worked together on projects, some of us have even started full-fledged companies together, and all of us simply enjoy each other’s online company and respect each other’s work. Oh, did we mention we’re kinda fond of Divi by Elegant Themes? So much so that one day one of us had the grand thought — “hey, why don’t we do a Divi podcast?” — and the rest, as they say, is <becoming> history.