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Meet the Hosts

our ragtag bunch of divi-ers

Sarah Oates | Endure Web Studios

Sarah Oates

Owner / Web Designer & Developer
Endure Web Studios

Stephanie Hudson | FocusWP

Mike Devitt

Owner / Web Designer
Web Design Pro
Eric Dingler

Eric Dingler

A bit of fine print…

The Divi Chat Podcast is meant to be fun, engaging, maaaaybe educational (or at the very least informative), mostly structured with a generous portion of spontaneity, and is first and foremost a passion project for all the hosts involved.

The topics we choose and the accompanying discussions are comprised of our own experiences and opinions — we are not technically experts and we make no claims to know (a whole lot) more than the average Divi or WordPress user. However, we certainly share years of work experience between us that have taught us a thing or two and we’d like to pass on some of that knowledge here as well as learn from each other. This is not an affiliate-based project: we in no way get paid to promote or mention any products, services, plugins, themes, anything, zero-nada-zilch.

Why so many hosts you might wonder — ya there are quite a few of us! — and it’s because we won’t all be available for every episode recording. We’re from all corners of the world with different schedules, family lives, workloads, etc. so we’ve hopefully wrangled up enough of us to ensure that every “round table” has enough Divi-ers in the seats. And we’ll definitely be inviting people to join us in our discussion from time to time, maybe even you!