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Imagine if you owned a clothing store at the mall and you could track exactly how much time every shopper spent in each row, which fabrics they touched, and every price tag they looked at. 👀 With this information, you could rearrange the store to put the most popular items out front to draw in more customers, and move any obstacles that block common pathways.

This would take either very expensive video surveillance, or a REALLY annoying sales associate following everyone around with a stopwatch and clipboard.

Fun fact: It is super simple (and surprisingly inexpensive!) to get this kind of data from the online stores and websites of your clients.

Join the DC panel as they chat about their personal experience with Heatmaps, recommendations for software to use, and how they blow the minds of their clients with the data collected from these amazing tools.

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Hosts Present:

Stephanie Hudson – FocusWP / @stepherriffic / Focus On Your Biz
Eric Dingler – In Transit Studios /
Mike Devitt –  Web Design Pro / FB /

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