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“If you build it, they will come” right? Unfortunately that’s not the way it works when it comes to having an eCommerce store. There’s so much that goes into having an eCommerce store that makes sales, and it can be incredibly tricky. When it comes to eCommerce in Divi, the default built in eCommerce options are limited. You can use a Divi eCommerce Child Theme to help streamline the process if you don’t want to code the eCommerce customizations yourself. Using a child theme with already built eCommerce pages that are optimized conversion can dramatically help you increase sales. But even with a well designed child theme, you can still boost sales further by having a formal sales funnel with upsells and order bumps.

Today Adam Preiser joins the DC crew to discuss how to boost e-commerce sales.. WOOHOO!! Adam is a master of his (wp)craft — haha! — so we’re very excited to have him on to share his expertise and how his freemium plugin CartFlows can help you get your sales numbers up. He’ll also be giving away 3 PRO LICENSES during our live chat!! (OMG, this is why you should be joining us live!!)

We’ll talk about how guiding your potential customer through their checkout journey (aka sales funnel) really matters and can lead to final purchases. We’ll also chat about upsells, order bumps, cart abandonment, all that juicy checkout goodness!


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