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If DNS is the scary monster you’d rather stayed hidden under your bed, this is the episode for you. We are going to turn on the lights and show you that the big, hairy, ugly monster isn’t really so scary after all. He’s just misunderstood! In the end, you might even start to think he’s kinda cuddly and cute.

We’ve been poking the DNS monster with a stick for a few weeks now, as we discussed “Configuring Email for Deliverability” and “Migrating WordPress Websites” on recent episodes, so now it’s time to face our fears.

The panel will be joined by DNS Monster Slayer, Hosting Ninja, and Southern Gentleman Bobby Broughton. (Y’all don’t wanna miss the addition of his good ol’ southern accent into the mix!)

Hosts Present:

Stephanie Hudson – FocusWP / FB
Mike Devitt –  Web Design Pro / FB /
Sarah Oates – Endure Web Studios / FB / @endureweb
Bobby Broughton – WPAligned

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