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This episode of Divi Chat will be all about Core Web Vitals. Core Web Vitals go beyond just having a fast website, and instead focuses on user experience (although website speed is part of it). Steph, Sarah, Tim and Mike will be discussing Google’s May update and will be asking “Core Web Vitals – Meh or Yeh?” – We will be asking what everyone is doing for their own websites, for their client sites and which clients are already questioning their web devs about the effect this could have?

Listen in and hear us talk about LCP, FID and CLS!

Hosts Present:

Stephanie Hudson – FocusWP / FB
Mike Devitt –  Web Design Pro / FB /
Sarah Oates – Endure Web Studios / FB / @endureweb
Tim Strifler – Divi Life / Divi Plugins / How to Speed Up Divi

Resources Mentioned:

Google Timing for Bringing Page Experience…:

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