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Last week we discussed our best and worst web design jobs — okay we mostly just talked about the bad lol! We mentioned things that clients do that make our job more difficult and frustrating, but we realized we weren’t being entirely fair.

How are clients supposed to know how to act or what to ask? Or even what to expect if they’ve never worked with a web designer before? It can be a scary process, especially when you have a budget you need to stick to and you have no idea who to trust.

So this week as a follow-up topic we’ll be sharing some tips for clients!


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Some things you may want to ask about when looking to hire a web designer/developer:

  • is there a contract? if not, why not?
  • how much is the deposit?
  • will I be trained to edit my site if I need to?
  • what exactly am I getting for the cost? (it should be clearly outlined what all is included for your $$)
  • will I need maintenance, and if so will you do it?
  • how much is maintenance?
  • if it’s not going as I hoped and I want to terminate the project early what are my options, and will I get any money back? (sometimes referred to as a “kill clause”)
  • where is my site being hosted and do I have access?
  • where is my domain registered and do I have access? (in case you haven’t purchased one already)
  • do I have to write the content?
  • do I have to provide/buy photos?
  • do I have to buy special software/plugins or are those included?
  • are any plugins subscription-based? (recurring charges)
  • is it a custom site? (custom is often referred to as “bespoke”)

*We interchange the terms designer and developer quite a bit. Technically there is a difference but for the purpose of this episode we generally mean a person/company that builds websites.