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SEO. It’s a beast. It’s an often overwhelming part of the web development process for many new to the industry, and even the not-so-new. We do our best to cover some basics in this episode to help our viewers get a better understanding of SEO as well as address common questions about improving SEO on a Divi site.

Before you watch the episode, let’s answer a couple common questions you may have that will set you up for success while watching the episode.

Firstly, is SEO for Divi any different than SEO for a normal website? The answer is no. The same SEO principles apply to Divi websites as they do to any other website on the internet. So why are we talking about Divi and SEO then? Well, even though the same principles apply no matter how you build your website, the method of implementing and applying best practice SEO strategies are going to be a bit different depending on how your website is built. Make sense? Plus, since this is Divi Chat after all, and our viewers are Divi users, we always look at topics through the lens of using Divi, even if the topic isn’t exactly Divi specific.

In this episode, we cover some basic SEO knowledge around SEO best practices and what to focus on. Plus, we discuss briefly some of those nuances that are different when performing SEO tasks on a Divi website specifically.

We’ve also gathered some highlights and tools mentioned on the chat and bundled them into a nice little downloadable PDF 🙂

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