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This week we’ll be discussing the dreaded scope creep and ways to avoid it.

What’s scope creep you ask?

It’s when a client starts to ask for additional work that is “out of scope”, work that was *not* part of the agreed upon job in the beginning. Sometimes it can come in the form of seemingly simple change requests, and small requests can start to snowball into entirely new features.

It’s very easy to jump to the conclusion that your client is trying to take advantage of you but that’s not always the case (although sometimes it is lol). Oftentimes it’s just their lack of knowledge of web design in general and what it takes to accomplish certain things, so we have to be educators in some capacity as well when it comes to avoiding scope creep.

We’ll share some proven tips and to-do’s to keep scope creep from happening on your projects (hint: contract, contract, contract).


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