EP19 – Value-Based Pricing

In this episode we discuss value-based pricing. Flat rate and hourly pricing are probably the more well known types of pricing structures but there are other methods used in businesses. Competitive and cost-based are other types we touch on. Some good info here! Hosts...

EP14 – How to Determine Pricing for Custom Builds

How to price a custom build. This is a pretty daunting thing when starting out, it’s something your business should really always be refining and fine-tuning. We discuss our different approaches, how our pricing models have changed since starting out, how a...

EP07 – The Ins and Outs of WordPress Maintenance Plans

Today we discuss maintenance plans — why offer them? what’s included and why? what’s not included and why? what tools are used to help with maintenance? — all that juicy stuff! Tools & plugins mentioned: WP Rocket iThemes (suite of different tools)...

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