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Ep 227 – State of the Word 2021 Watch Party

State of the Word is the annual keynote address delivered by Matt Mullenweg, co-founder of WordPress. Instead of a typical Divi Chat episode, the panel will be hosting a watch party to virtually attend State of the Word together with all of you! From the
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Ep 215 – DNS: Conquering the Monster

If DNS is the scary monster you’d rather stayed hidden under your bed, this is the episode for you. We are going to turn on the lights and show you that the big, hairy, ugly monster isn’t really so scary after all. He’s just misunderstood! In the...
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Ep 214 – How to Migrate a Divi Website

There are multiple reasons a website may need moved from one server to another. A simple mistake can cause the whole process to fail…and take down a website Never fear – Divi Chat is here! Understanding the process and following a consistent set of checks...