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Ep 254 – Converting Prospects into Clients

Is it possible to “sell without selling”? Do you find yourself giving away your strategy for free on “pick your brain” calls? Do you get traffic to your website, but no clients come from it? Get some tips from the DC panel on how they turn...
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Ep 238 – Go for Launch! Website Handover Process

Launch day is always an exciting one. But the Divi websites we build are complex creations…How do you hand them over to your clients without risking the integrity of the site, making sure your client has everything they need, and also ensuring payment in full?...
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Ep 231 – Running a Divi Business with a Global Team

Did you ever think you’d be running a Global Conglomerate?? In addition to sounding pretty dang impressive, this model brings several logistical challenges. Join the Divi Chat panel today as they chat about their systems and tips for managing an international...