Hurricane Harvey Disaster Relief Fundraiser

One Community Helping Another

Hurricane Harvey Disaster Relief Fundraiser

Our fundraiser has ended and thanks to everyone who donated we were able to raise $23,500.48 for Hurricane Harvey victims!!

A huge THANK YOU to all our donators for opening your hearts and your wallets, and to all the generous members of the WordPress development community who banded together and offered their products for this bundle. Without their help this fundraiser would not have been as successful as it was.


From the bottom of our little Divi Chat hearts we thank you ❤️

So where did your donations go?

We know how important transparency is to you, it’s important to us too! When deciding how to distribute the funds we knew we didn’t want to hand money over to a big organization with a lot of overhead.

We wanted to know for sure for ourselves where the money was going, and so David Blackmon — one of our regular hosts from Aspen Grove Studios — and his wife Lisa very kindly volunteered to make trips from Austin to Houston and parts of Louisiana themselves every few days over the past couple weeks. It’s because of their complete “gung-ho-ness” and willingness to drive hours to help complete strangers that we were able to personally make sure your donations went into the right hands.

We decided the best way to distribute would be through gift cards. We chose WalMart gift cards (WMGC) and gas gift cards (GC) since those who still had a car needed to be able to get to and from their home for cleanup, and WalMart was chosen because they have all the basic necessities that people desperately needed and at low prices. We wanted to make things easy for them and WalMart has everything from cleaning supplies to clothes to appliances.

We then realized we were faced with a choice of helping a lot of people a little bit, or helping a few people a lot. We decided on the latter.

We did this so that we could more easily keep track of where the money went to then report back here, and because we really wanted to make a difference for those that we helped. We wanted the recipients to have even just a small sense of relief, and we really felt that giving a handful of families a few thousand dollars each was the best way to accomplish that.

The Families

The following are the families who received the bulk of the donations. We won’t go into all the details but we fine-tuned after a few discussions and the final way to split the money was determined by how many people were in each household.

Before finalizing how the money would go to only a certain few some gift cards had already been handed out, hence the “will receive” notations, as David and Lisa will still be making a final trip to deliver the remaining funds now that the fundraiser has officially ended.

  • Kayla (aka Cookie) of Houston, TX: Single mother, received $750 WMGC, will receive an additional $2600 WMGC.
  • Caitlyn of Vidor, TX: Single mother of 3, received $400 WMGC and $250 GC, will receive an additional $3000 WMGC.
  • Terry and Crystal of Vidor, TX: Family of 9, received $900 WMGC and $250 GC, will receive an additional $4000 WMGC.
  • Johnny and Gwen of Orange, TX: Family of 6, received $600 WMGC and $375 GC, will receive an additional $3400 WMGC.
  • Holly of Beaumont, TX: Family of 3, received $450 WMGC and $250 GC, will receive an additional $2800 WMGC.
  • Amanda of Vidor, TX: Family of 3, received $125 GC will receive an additional $2800 WMGC.

Altogether this totals $22,950. The remaining approximate $550 was spent in the first chaotic days on plastic bins, bottled water, hot meals, cleaning supplies — basically anything that David and Lisa could immediately help with in the aftermath.

Lisa, Cookie and daughter.

Thank you to all our sponsors!

From all of us at Divi Chat we thank you for your generosity in this great time of need

(in no particular order)

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The information listed for each family is what we have permission to use. Out of respect for their privacy we are not including last names, and as you can imagine in the days (and even weeks) following losing your home, belongings, treasured heirlooms, etc. you’re not exactly in the mood for a photo op, so we may or may not have more pictures to post.

If you did not receive your confirmation email or have a question about the donation disbursement please contact us at

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