EP20 – Procedures for Updating Divi Sites

Updating Divi, core, or plugins can be very scary and overwhelming, and not just for beginners. On today’s chat we discuss our methods for preparing your site (or your clients’ sites) so that you can be ready for anything. Also included is a PDF with some...

EP16 – Security and Setting Up Your Site Safely

Site security is a BIG deal, and in today’s chat we go over a ton of steps and best practices to help secure your Divi site. We’ve also got another great PDF available for download to keep as your checklist, get it here. Hosts Present: David Blackmon...

EP07 – The Ins and Outs of WordPress Maintenance Plans

Today we discuss maintenance plans — why offer them? what’s included and why? what’s not included and why? what tools are used to help with maintenance? — all that juicy stuff! Tools & plugins mentioned: WP Rocket iThemes (suite of different tools)...

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