EP22 – Growing Your Team

Growing your team can be a huge step in your business. How do you when it’s time? Who can you trust to have the same standards as you? We’ll tackle these questions and discuss our experiences in our own companies and share any tips we’ve learned...

EP04 – Collaborating with Divi Developers & Designers on Projects

In this episode we discuss collaboration and partnering with other developers and/or designers who are well-versed in Divi. Our guest is the infamous David Elster, he’ll soon be launching his own project Explain Like I’m 5: WordPress. If you are in the...

EP01 – Ditching The Competitor Mindset To Achieve Success

Testing, testing, one-two-three… Welcome to the first ever Divi Chat Podcast episode!! Yaaayyy!! Insert loud applause here 😀 In this first episode we do a bit of introduction and then dive into a topic that brought us all together for this podcast in the first...

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